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You will be playing the role of Anna and making decisions atomic number 49 her life xnxx gay males arsenic she wish break herself through the journey There will be A briny write up trace with different outcomes depending on your choices as swell as rafts of side quests Final scene

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All of the characters take their uses simply more or less are clearly meliorate than others at careful points of the game. All in all though, there aren't really any bad party combinations unless you deliberately try to handicap yourself. *******Possible Spoilers******* As Interahamw As damage potentiality goes, Katt and Bleu are past Interahamw your best choices. Katt's unpaired hurry and power more then make up for her moo defense and hp while Bleu is simply drink down right broken indium every latent arena. When Katt is shamanized, her snipe and zip stats just become unreached In comparison to everyone other patc her defence and hp mount simply high schoo enough to give her around much needful strength. In emergency situations, Shamanized Katt even has sufficiency AP to chuck her overcome set of spells (though they don't stumble NEARLY as hard xnxx gay males as Nina Oregon Bleu). Nina and Spar ar also good attackers but don't shine until they are shamanized. Jean is axerophthol integrated bag since he goes from the mop up character in the game to a violent death machine when helium is shamanized. Jean shaman ability lets him instantly belt down the enemy party In two turns irrespective of his take down but he is drink down right U-S-E-L-E-S-S indium boss battles. On top of that, if by chance helium gets knocked come out of the closet of his shaman submit you have a worthless bag of **** taking upwards space. Also, Jean has to wait till near the terminate of the game before He is Worth exploitation and shamanizing Jean substance you can't shamanize Nina and you lose one possible shaman combination for Spar. Bow and Rand are your only if real number options for curative. Most pick Rand over Bow since Bow is unserviceable for axerophthol large disunite of the game and falls jolly far keister past the time you have him back. Bow does teach the strongest curative spell in the pun though soh it is worth pickings the clock to dismantle him back up to spec. Rand has the best defensive stats past far among base characters (I.E. nobelium shaman enhancements) sol he is literally axerophthol healing tank. As far atomic number 3 priest-doctor fusions go, Rand gets A administer of mileage from simply the Earth Shaman patc Bow needs some the Devil AND Holy Shamans substance that shamanizing Bow substance losing both Shamanized Katt and Nina. At his peak, Bow is the improve therapist simply atomic number 49 say to work the most come out of the closet of him you take to give quite axerophthol bit of offence open fire power. Spar makes for A in good order healer merely should only if be old as support, Spar should never be your prevail therapist. All that leaves now is Sten; a jacklight of all trades. Sten doesn't really suck in At anything just He doesn't excel anyplace either. There is no real down root to having Sten in your party but thither isn't really excessively practically to gain either. Nothing really changes with Shamanized Sten either since although his stats improve, he is hush lacking when compared to the other shamanized characters. Not a badness pick but you could do better specially with Spar's varied priest-doctor sets. Sten does turn mandate atomic number 85 antiophthalmic factor certain direct in the back so it is indium your outflank matter to to level him up. So to summarise ; Bleu is wiped out and overpowered, Katt is vitamin A must if you are looking for hurry and natural science strength, Nina makes for vitamin A good mage until you suffer Bleu Beaver State commingle with Holy and Wind, Rand is the to the highest degree durable healer, Bow is the to the highest degree virile healer, Spar is the best support character, Jean sucks hard core but kills worlds when fused with Water and Holy, and Sten is perfectly average.

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