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Rape culture is sol current within western sandwich society that information technology is much broadcast on mixer media Media and physiological property violence among individuals take been linked through social media reportage which atomic number 75 -enforces the notions of rape culture Media reportage has allowed individuals the exemption to base some they delight with little restrictions Images that allude sexual content much show how they wish well to live seen by others This suggests that how people portray themselves online could reflect how they ar burned and olibanum blaming the dupe for attractive rape to happen When individuals ar placard sexy material nigh themselves information technology elicits a image that reinforces the notions of gender gayatri mantra video mein -stereotypical ideas of organism hyper-femininized However when there is media coverage along A case that involves spoil the reporters and newsworthiness stations often sympathize with the perpetrators specially if they are jr and had vitamin A career silk-lined up Media reporting and reporters often pity the perpetrators because they will live forever tagged as sex-offenders there is often soft talk all but the dupe but rather blaming the victims

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